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Happy Birthday America

Boy are we at a weird place - but it is our birthday. I look around and see a country under great distress - we are in the midst of a pandemic and I fear that by being dumb asses we have managed to piss away what progress we made during the first three months of this thing and have yet to really see what havoc it shall wreak on us. We still have a narcissistic psycho in the White House, our economy is being stretched thin as we increase the debt to unbelievable levels - and finally we are confronting social injustices like no time since the 1960s. Think I need another cold beer.

Oddly enough I still have faith in us - don’t ask me why - there are so few tangible signs that anyone should be optimistic right now - but at least part of me remains so - we have met great challenges before and have managed to survive and become at least a little bit better each time.

With every great adversity comes opportunity - it is up to us to emerge stronger and better. It is up to us to stop being partisan and petty over something as simple as wearing a mask when you can’t maintain a safe difference - give me a break - this is not about rights or freedom - it is about responsibility and caring for humanity.

Quit getting your panties in a wad over Black Lives Matter and quite responding that All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter - of course they do - but for God’s sake let’s grab the opportunity to really both acknowledge the systemic racism that has existed in the country forever and do something about it - you can do this without a sense of guilt - do it with a dedication to finally living up to those words that “all men are created equal.”

As for the occupant of the White House - the day draws near - the election is November 3rd - make a change - our lives depend on it.

peace be with you - Hendo

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