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I'm just a selfish guy...

So I’m selfish - sorry about that….

Yes - evidently I am selfish, along with being a whimpering fool who is cowering in their basement over this pandemic scam (actually I seldom go to the basement - I do my cowering and whimpering upstairs). Because I wish you would join me in wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible, or when inside public spaces, I am somehow asking you to give up virtually all of your rights and to prepare for the microchips that will evidently be delivered to all of us with the hoped for vaccine.

I apologize for not only being selfish but evidently I am stupid too. Why is it that I can’t seem to understand that we’ve got this thing under control - that the almost daily new records in the number of COVID cases and the fact that we are running out of ICU beds in several hot spots are just part of the grand conspiracy. Must be that damn liberal brainwashing I received in college - learning about stuff like exponential growth rates and then seeing the graphs for coronavirus. Least of all I can’t seem to grasp that 99% of the cases are completely harmless.

But wait - it gets even worse - in addition to being selfish and stupid I am also clearly gullible. I’ve bought hook, line and sinker into what the science tells us - can you believe it? I actually listen to those dang research epidemiologists even though they have been wrong so many times. They couch their mistakes in the fact that it is a new virus and that as each day goes by we learn more about it and are able to refine the models that we are using to predict its behavior. What kind of a sucker am I? Clearly it would be a much simpler proposition to just listen to the President - he’s a pretty simple guy.

My dear mother who lived to be 90 kept her mind sharp by doing crossword puzzles and the daily Jumble in the newspaper - maybe it’s not too late for me - but I’ve obviously already lost a lot of ground. For now I’ll just keep stumbling through - wearing my mask, washing my hands, and hoping for the best.

peace be with you - Hendo

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